February 20th Event

It looks like we won’t have enough people confirmed to purchase tickets as a group for the Kadir Nelson talk at the August Wilson Center <http://www.pittsburghlectures.org/interior.php?pageID=240> , so anyone who plans to attend will need to purchase tickets individually.

Tickets are available online through the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust:

Individual tickets cost $10 (plus  .75  tax & processing fee) and include Nelson’s talk, a Q&A, a book signing and refreshments.

The program begins at 2:00 and runs until 5:00 on Sunday, February 20

at the August Wilson Center.

We will meet at the Panera Bread at the Waterfront at 11:00 for lunch and to discuss Nelson’s books before we carpool to the program. Be sure to bring any books you may have that are illustrated by Kadir Nelson including ones you’ve borrowed from your library.

Please feel free to meet us for lunch at Panera even if you don’t plan on attending the program that afternoon.

For more information see our new blog: www.wpascbwi.blogspot.com

We’re moving:

I will keep this blog for a few more months, but we’re moving to a new (and improved) blog.


So add this new address to your bookmarks or however you keep track of these things. and join us for all of the information about the children’s book illustrators in the Pittsburgh area.

We have some exciting things planned for the 2011 year!


Kadir Nelson

In preparation for the Black, White & Read All Over series installment with Kadir Nelson, we would like to get together to discuss his children’s books, particularly his Caldecott Honor Books (Moses and Henry’s Freedom Box).

If we were to meet at a library (Brentwood and Peters Township Libraries have been suggested), we could pull his books from the shelves as well as bring our own.

If Amy Kellman can join us, we could discuss the Caldecott Awards in more detail. (Specific meeting date TBA.)

And, of course, we’ll have to bring some munchies and drinks.

Areas of discussion could include:

• his illustration style from book to book

• page compositions

• color choices/palettes

• lighting

• details added that weren’t part of the text

• perspectives (camera angles)

• the “why’s” for all the above

• what’s so special about the Caldecott Honor Books

Prior to Nelson’s talk, the group could meet for lunch and carpool to the August Wilson Center. Group rates are discounted if we can get five people or more to attend and order the tickets online in advance.

Black, White & Read All Over

Sunday,February 20, 2011,

2:00 pm

August Wilson Center

980 Liberty Avenue, Downtown

… a wonderful day!

Here is the winner of the Lapel Pin Challenge: Anni Matsick‘s design.

This will be available at the next conference.

Also everyone who attended yesterday’s conference received a 2010 lapel pin, and they will be made available on the website soon.

Next year’s conference is going to be a BIG one…it will be held in Gettysburg and we’ll be joining up with two other regions to bring in a lot of art directors and editors. Stay tuned for more information.


2010 Lapel Pin

This is what this year’s lapel pin looks like. John Hinderliter’s design won last year’s challenge.

I posted several of this year’s entries already this past week…totally forgetting that they will be voted on as anonymous entries!  …and there I was adding everyone’s web addresses.  (having a ‘senior moment’,  I suppose)  So, I had to delete those posts and start over again.

I will add all of the entries this evening with no names or websites…and then AFTER the conference I can re-post with their website information.  They are all so beautiful, I can’t wait for you to see them all!  Thanks to everyone who entered.  For more information.


Tuesday  October  12th


Barnes & Nobles at the Waterfront in Homestead

Bonnie Funk is starting the Tuesday Night Critique Group back up.  (yay!)

It will be scheduled for the first Tuesday of every month again,  EXCEPT for this month…it’ll be on the 12th (which is actually the second Tuesday)

…everyone is welcome…bring your portfolio or a piece that you’re working on….(maybe buy a cup of coffee & a sweet roll) and chat the night away!

It is always so helpful to have a few more sets of eyes look at your art, to give you new ideas or help you correct a trouble spot…it would be great if you could make it!


Any questions or suggestions? Leave a comment right here and we’ll try to get back with you as soon as possible!